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Corporate events

The Roof

An open rooftop with a magnificent view of the entire coastline as far as Herziliah. The roof can accommodate 100 people seated or 150 for a cocktail party. Additionally, knight’s tables and a variety of other furniture can be used to provide a combination seating and standing, for conferences, lectures etc
The roof has a bar, food stands and rest room facilities. It can be used as a separate floor for an event or be integrated with an event that also uses the other floors.

The main floor

The main floor is the central floor of the House and includes the beautiful garden with an opening and closing roof by a push of a button, allowing you to choose if you want to turn the a.c on or enjoy the ocean breeze
Together, they constitute the House’s main salon and reception area. This floor offers a range of flexible seating possibilities
200 guests seated or 150 in theater style seating or 100 people seated at knight’s tables are only part of the options

The wine room

The wine room can host a cocktail reception, or serve as a jazz bar as part of the event you decide what works best for you.

Guest Parking

Excellent parking solutions are available depending on event size and type.

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