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Andromeda House – opposite the sea – home for family events

Andromeda house hosts a wide range of family events, bar mitzvah, anniversary, family get together, birthday or any other special occasion you wish to celebrate. The different levels of the house allow for several activates to go on at the same , such as a game room for the kids in the wine room and a chill cocktail hour for the parents on the roof with a the ocean breeze and the coastline view .
The full sound system, projector and lcd system allows you to screen your videos or presentations whenever you wish during the event.
We will guide you with an open mind helping you plan every detail of your event. We will provide you with useful information regarding vendors for child activity’s, entertainment or any other supplier you should require. We will help you come up with the best menu suiting your event budget and guests.
The ancient synagogue in walking distance from us has just been renovated and it is highly recommended to use for events such as a bar mitzvah bringing the spiritual part of the event to the next level.
Guest Parking
Excellent parking solutions are available depending on event size and type

We have provided you with additional details
Before the event.


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